Full color dream resort brochure

Full color dream resort brochure


Job Description

You'll be designing a 6 or 8 page full color, full bleed print brochure using text and hi-res pictures of a holiday Island which will be presented to the attendees of a special event.
This has to be top-quality, of professional standard, and ultimately fully prepped for printing.
You should be very skilled with text layout and picture placement and manipulation.

A portfolio of your previous work will be required.

The brochure must be an absolutely beautiful advertisement of the destination and display the full itinerary of the event along with all the best things in the resort.

For style preferences think:
Travel destination, dream vacation, very high class, not chintzy!

The color preferences would be:
sky and ocean blues and greens, sandy browns, jungle greens, pastels, etc.

This is a very fast turnaround project. We will work together from initial content and layout, through various client changes and final sign off with all the work files supplied to us.

Thanks for viewing this project. Look forward to working with you.