Developing The Next Generation "DOOM" Like Game!

Developing The Next Generation "DOOM" Like Game!


Job Description

I am looking for a partner or a team. To start developing a new game for the next generation in the future. This job would take from 2-5 years to develop and finish.

I have great ideas for this, and know together with another mind I could make this real.

I am not rich, but have contacts in the show-biz.

If you know how we could do this, and would love to be a part of this futuristic idea. Then join me, and lets make a career in this game industry together from nothing to something!
This would be a great win - win deal, I am looking for someone with good skills, but is willing to work with me on my ideas on a lower budget.
If we make a success, you will have a part of it so lets try not to think of money when we working. But real creation and ideas. That can make us rich in the future.

Contact me if you think you are maybe the person who could reach the success with me in this idea!

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