Regex MySql Expression needed

Regex MySql Expression needed


Job Description

Ineed to find all records structured like this

Initcap lowercase $specificstring

This would include all cases of UC lc1-N software e.g

Database modeling software

3D animation and modeling software

as well as any Initcap lc1-N UC software e.g

Storage area network SAN software

In same vein also need to find this structure

Boundary scan description language BSDL

Initcap lowercase1-N UC

where letters in UC equal # of previous words. I don't mind doing manually e.g

Init lc lc [A-Z][A-Z][A-Z]

Init lc lc lc [A-Z][A-Z][A-Z][A-Z]

since there are a finite # of cases

Finally I also need to find cases like AbcDef e.g ClimateMaster

I need to have these availabel to mysql queries.

I'm pretty sure these are basic Regex for someone who knows both mysql and regex, I'd prefer to not dig around myself however.

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