Convert Wireframe to Bootstrap based HTML/CSS

Convert Wireframe to Bootstrap based HTML/CSS


Job Description

We are looking for somebody to convert a wireframe into a clickable prototype using Bootstrap 3. Please note that Bootstrap version 3 is required.

You will be responsible for the final visual experience which will require you to help select color and visual polish required in a production application.


The wireframe is attached. There are two images. One with a minimized side navigation bar. Your prototype will include this behavior within the scope. The CSS design must be responsive enough to handle this behavior (CSS transitions)

I'm trying to replicate the look and feel of I would suggest taking a look at the app to understand the coloring that I'm looking for.

Library - Bootstrap 3
Icons - FontAwesome
Other image - Bootstraps placeholder icons or plaa


dashboard.html - A single HTML file
dashboard.css - all of the css. The project requires zero inline CSS

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