MySQL DBA Development -Part 1

MySQL DBA Development -Part 1


Job Description

We're looking for experience MySQL DBA with a passion to implement industry best practices in MySQL administration, stability, data security and recovery control, monitoring, tuning and capacity planning. You will be building one of the largest distributed file system in the world. This will involve scaling MySQL operations, building tools to maintain and enhance the database infrastructure.

We are start-up company dealing with Cloud computing network. I would like to speak with you in regards to developing a platform that allow users to upload file, photo, music and video and stream them directly from their personal account. The idea is similar to or The platform also has the capability of hosting movie content for streaming similar to

link to database (login/signup) with our own logo.
Example: Name, email, phone #, security questions, user ids', password to login. Everything must automated

Note: This website have to have the features like (Finders, window explorers…along with Personal audio and video streaming. Built in FTP, Web Dav, Have the options to share and edit files in real time (project/task management).

Part 2 Will be posted after Part 1 is completed. Part 2 will be mobile application.

mobile Apps: Both actual apps and web apps. (Paid w/no adds and Free w/Adds)
Apple products
Android products
Win Products

Please let me know if this is something you are able to develop
Skills: Python

Skills: administration, video, management