Counter Responder & Caller Required

Counter Responder & Caller Required


Job Description

*We're looking for someone to start ASAP, as early as Monday, August 26th 2013*

About our company:

We are located in the New York, NY area but seek a remote direct marketing email specialist. Our company provides services for CEOs and senior leaders whose company revenue includes ranges from 1M to 1 billion in the form of meet-ups and retreats.

About the position:

Due to an explosive growth in sales, we seek a writing specialist who can join a team of 1-3 people and respond to emails directly from these CEOs by using pre-generated templates. (The majority of your correspondence will be pre-written, and you should do little original writing.)

Candidate may be a student or otherwise employed already but must have the capability to dedicate at least 20 hours/week to email response and be able to access, evaluate, and respond to emails all day from both clients and other staff at our company. Those that already work from home or use a computer all day would be ideal for this position. Also, when a large 'email blast' is sent out, the hours required may shift to a focused, short time period while we sell to the current wave of individuals.

Employee will be paid $10-15/hour, with more money possible based on performance.

Mandatory Qualifications:

-You must have superb English skills. When emails go out there should be 0 errors in grammar and spelling.
-You must be able to use multiple email clients and be organized enough to keep targets straight using email folders
-You must be able to speak with your supervisor and team members via phone during regular U.S. hours and also be able to send emails between 9 AM and 8 PM (though drafting may be done whenever you like).
-You must be able to incorporate feedback from your supervisor into your work (while always taking initiative where you see opportunities).

Additional skills that will prove helpful in this position:

-Experience with language and jargon of CEOs and senior leaders
-Capability to learn and implement new software quickly
-Knowledge and usage of Sugar Professional (email system)
-Knowledge and usage of Basecamp (event management software)
-Be able to use Google docs
-Be able to use Microsoft Office
-Communications, Business, or other relevant degree
-Understanding of social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.
-Sales experience