Looking for (possible) Business Partner and/or Software/web app/CMS Developer for Live, on-demand, Website Creation Automation Tool and Matching API

Looking for (possible) Business Partner and/or Software/web app/CMS Developer for Live, on-demand, Website Creation Automation Tool and Matching API


Job Description


Software Developer to create a Live, on-demand, and In-Browser automated Website Creation Tool and matching API.


I am not set on programming language at this time, so please respond to this announcement with what programming language you would use for this task and why you feel that language is the best language to accomplish this goal. (ex. PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, etc)



Customer comes to site, signs up for hosting package and adds a web template to their cart. Upon payment, a cpanel account is automatically set up on their new hosting account with the username and password they created at sign-up and the template they have chosen has been applied to their website. They can now log-in, see their chosen template on their site live, through their browser and make any changes and customizations to include, text, pictures, video, add shopping cart, blog, etc.


Freelance Web Designer comes to site and purchases license to run software on their own hosting account and website through an api. They have the ability to white label, and customize templates, and hosting packages offered to their sign-ups.

***In both use cases, users can sign in or sign-up from their mobile device and start creating hosting packages and websites for themselves or their clients.

PLEASE SPECIFY IN YOUR PROPOSAL: (in no specific order)

1. Which you are more interested in, Business Partnership (stake in future business decisions and Income Potential), or Outsourced gig (ex..one-time payment**** for services rendered, upon completion of project and release and transfer of all copyright and ownership of created software to me - ****payment(s) negotiable)

2. How long you think this project will take you to complete.

3. The language(s) you will be writing the code in (ex. PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby, etc...), and why.

4. Requested Stake (for Business Partners) or Price (hourly rate or fixed based on outsourced project scope and length.

5. How many hours a week you can dedicate to this project, (ex. part-time, full time)

6. Any questions or suggestions you may have about this project.

7. Any other resources that might be needed to complete this project.

8. Any samples of or Urls to related work that can show me you have the skills to handle this project.

9. Current and past work history, going back 5 years, even if the work is unrelated. ( I am not looking for anything as formal as a resume, but you can attach one to the proposal if you feel so inclined.

10. Tell me a little something about yourself...include both professional and personal interests.

11. The plans that you have for yourself, what do you see yourself doing professionally 5 years from now?

12. A Character reference, in the form of 1-2 paragraphs. Explain to me a situation that you've recently encountered that you believe is a good example of your overall character.

13. Your Native Language (ie...english, spanish, something else, etc), or any other spoken languages you are fluent in, where you are from, where you currently reside, and if you are local to me or not. (Although being local is not a necessary requirement, just a plus.)


I am a passionate and highly motivated Entrepreneurial Spirit with 5 years Web Design/Developing and Graphic Design experience. Right now I am currently learning to code in PHP and Python.

I have so far just about mastered Wordpress, HTML and CSS.

I eat and breathe design and development and my motto is "Go big or go home".

I have a Business Model (to be discussed with Developer who wins this bid).

I have a reseller hosting account with the ability to sell hosting packages to the public (WHM Account).

I have a WHMCS License, with the ability to automate the creation of hosting packages (cpanel creation) and manage those subscriptions (monthly hosting billing charges) with existing clients and new sign-ups.

I am highly rational, fair and a philanthropist.

Every night I go to bed and unwind by first playing the sims on my Android smartphone, and then reading something from my kindle on either entrepreneurship, business, coding, website development, or marketing, and then usually fall asleep listening to Umano...in that order, lol.

I currently reside in Long Island, New York, USA.

*****Pay and Project completion dates are negotiable and flexible. I can pay hourly or a fixed rate, depending on your answers to this proposal, and I will consider everyone, regardless of how many hours you can put in a week (ie. part time or full time). I will be choosing a candidate based on many factors such as skill level and experience, personality, communication skills, motivation, character, and pure connection, plain and simple.*****