mileage logger software in Java fx

mileage logger software in Java fx


Job Description

Javafx developer with experience in SQLite for Mac OS and PC to complete a project.

The task is to complete a software that is made to download the data from a mileage logger, store it in a database, show the trips on one of the available maps (google, bing, yahoo, freemap )
Create mileage reports and expenses from the database

What is already done:
Communication with our device to download data
Mapping of the trips on different maps

-Report generator
- a function to automatically store data in the proper table according to unit serial number
- Polishing of the overall look and feel of the user interface
- a few additional features in connection to the database
- install package for Mac ( most important for now)
- testing on Mac OS
- install package for PC
- testing on PC

The software must be compiled for Mac fist then on PC
Priority is for the Mac OS first

Tools required:
Database SQL lite
Programming environment JAVA FX

We have a dedicated Mac with latest OS for testing on the web with TeamViewer

Please Contact us for more information

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