Part Time Linux Administrator

Part Time Linux Administrator


Job Description


I am looking for a part time Linux Administrator to be on call in case of emergency.

The job is relatively easy and possibly uneventful I need an experienced Linux system administrator that resides on a European Timezone to troubleshoot and fix any emergency issue with a few servers.

Required knowledge.
- Linux at least 6 years of experience
- bash scripting
- Mysql 5.5/ Maria Db 5.5 extensive experience.
- Nginx
- php-fpm.
- Expererience working with Magento is a plus
- 6+ years working with mission critical systems.
- mysql replication
- haproxy
- keepalived
- nfs


You will be given access and added to my monitoring systems and based on the timezone you will be informed of any issues. via email/sms.

The timezone that will be covered is between 11pm PST and 8 am PST.