programming: collapsible accordion form, SOAP programming, mysql/php

programming: collapsible accordion form, SOAP programming, mysql/php


Job Description

we have graphic design for an accordion style form that needs someone to program it. For an example of an accordion form, see here:

skills you will need:
- php / mysql
- html 5 - especially for specific conrol of html 5 video
- SOAP programming knowledge
- knowledge of where to find a multi-platform compatible player
- browser detection
- NO microsoft technologies allowed
- MUST be a multi-platform solution
- MUST be 100% compatible with both desktop and mobile (mac & pc, android, iphone , ipad) and all browsers for each platform (safari, firefox, chrome)
- html 5 video only - no flash
- at various times in the video, the video should trigger things in other parts of the screen to happen (grahpics to appear/disappear, etc...)

here's what we need ours to do:

1. the user should be presented with the first part of the accordion where they have to enter their name and email address and phone number. this should be put into a searchable mysql database with some sort of a basic front end when they submit it, then the top of the accordion should collapse - revealing the next part - a video without much else there.
2. the video should auto play and at various points in the video certain graphics should appear/disappear on other parts of the screen. at one point a timer (with 20 minutes on it) should start to tick. Users are allowed to rewind and pause the video, but not fast forward.
3. A cookie should track their progress , including where they are in the video, and if they return should pick up where they left off.
4. there needs to be sharing buttons to easily share the page on Facebook and twitter. But NO REGISTRATION should be required to share. It must be a direct sharing link that does NOT go through a 3rd party site (obviously they have to register at Facebook and twitter, but no middle man registrations just to post it somewhere)
5. after the video finishes they should be presented with a new form to buy. YOU MUST be familiar with SOAP ( Simple Object Access Protocol) programming to be able to properly program the simple form

NO PAGE RELOADING IS ALLOWED - everything must happen directly on the screen without page reloading, including the purchase.