Wordpress Install and Setup

Wordpress Install and Setup


Job Description

This job involves setting up an email address and forward through CPanel, installing a fresh copy of WordPress through CPanel, then adding content, setting WordPress configuration settings, and installing required WordPress plugins & theme. Fixed price payment per site. One site needed.

What Will Be Provided:

- CPanel & FTP access to hosting account (domain, username, password)
- WordPress theme
- WordPress plugin list
- WordPress content (approx. 5-6 posts and 3-4 pages total)
- WordPress images (1 image per post)
- Desired WordPress configuration settings
- Site logo

What Is Needed:

- access CPanel, install WordPress
- create email in CPanel for use as WordPress admin email
- set email forward to provided email address
- install theme
- install plugins
- configure settings
- add logo
- add content
- upload & set each post image