EXPERIENCED desktop app developers

EXPERIENCED desktop app developers


Job Description

We are looking for an application that has these features for our company's paperwork processing for client data.

Phase 1.
Step 1. User will enter information in the database regarding client onto application.
*Each client has multiple sub-parties, and detailed information that needs to be recorded.

Phase 2.
Step 1. User will create Ms-Word 2007 template. (Unlimited templates supported)
Step 2. User will enter field names in template where the dynamic information is required.
Step 3. User will run application and select the template in Open file dialog.
Step 4. User will select record from DataGrid or type information to be produced in document.
Step 5. A new .docx file will be created with information from application.

Needs an activity log of "notes" per client.
Needs an activity log of "documents made" per client

Applicants must provide:
A blueprint / procedure of how they will tackle this application.
A mock-up of user interface design

Must give detailed work days needed to complete the project in milestone phases.

Project is fixed budget of $50 or **Hourly Rate + Estimated Number of Hours

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