Wordpress Developer needed for custom programming

Wordpress Developer needed for custom programming


Job Description

I need someone to develop functionality for running a monthly photo contest in a Wordpress site.

The process to enter would be the following:
1 - user must be registered and logged in to start entry process
2 - user then selects how many images they want to enter (1,2,3,4 or 5)
3 - user is then taken to my PayPal express checkout page to make payment depending on number of images they selected.
4 - once payment is completed the user is taken back to my website and the image uploads page.
5 - here they can select their images from their computer for upload and provide required form details. The number of upload slots they have depends on how many they selected and paid for.
6 - the images and form content are then uploaded to my site. form content is stored in a mySQL table and the image files are stored in a folder inside the wp-content folder.

I will handle the site design, probably based on a theme purchased from themeforest so the entry system will need to be integrated into that site.

I thought Gravity Forms could possibly be used for the entry process though am open to suggestions.

I will obviously need an administration backend for managing the system. Will also need to export entries data to a csv file.

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