Real Estate Investment

Real Estate Investment


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I am really in need of:

● Detail project costs. CapEx and ongoing costs of operation, service and maintenance or taxation
● CapEx details in Appendices
● Reference any studies undertaken to support the analysis and assumptions (author, date of
study, name of report etc)
Provide details of likely revenue, ongoing operating and maintenance costs
● Details about likely rents and resumption proceeds (rates of growth/decline?)
● Ongoing operating and maintenance costs
● Reference the source (author, date of study, name of report etc) of any studies undertaken to support the analysis
Financial analysis
Analyse the commercial viability of the project.
● Analyse the commercial merits over the client’s holding period inflows/outflows.
● Include details of DCF or other analyses as Excel worksheets in Appendices so that assumptions and calculations are transparent.

This is an internal project for the firm I work for in Brisbane. They have selected an apartment in the following building.
I would love to hear from you so that we can get this done as soon as possible as my deadline is the 12th of April.

If you do take on this job I will pay either way you like. I am really in need of someone to help me with this as I am totally out of my depth.

This project is a once off and I need fluent english speakers/writers to help me either over email or Skype.

Thankyou so much


Skills: analysis, english, real-estate, finance

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