Need Flash webpage. See exemples in description

Need Flash webpage. See exemples in description


Job Description


I have a blog @ I want to have a main landing page that people will go on @ and people can click links on it and be redirected to the appropriate pages on the original blog. Since it will be the main page, I want it to be awesome!

I'd like to have something pretty crazy/unique similar to this

I want to have similar like the exemple (old tv effect) with our logo appearing from behind and have it move to the left of the page and smaller, have our youtube channel, soundcloud and beatport embedded on the right. And all our links at the top.

I already own the domain I want and I have hosting.

Important things that I want:
-Logo and text to appear progressively, same as if someone was typing the text as it appears on the webpage
-New stuff / links /images appears when people click on the page
-I want it to be 100% interactive
-I don't want a fixed background, I want something trippy/moving

Be creative

If you've done this kind of work before please show me your previous works and an estimate of how many hours it would take.

I will give you all the links to put with the url to link to.

Thank you

Skills: typing, youtube

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