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Automated CRM


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Im looking for an All-in-one CRM. I want this CRM to automatically follow up with my customers via Text, Email, and Letters. Im not sure if this is even possible but willing to pay alot of money for it.

1) When i put a customer in the CRM i want it to have different ways of following up with the customer depending on their status "Sold", "New Lead", "DNQ" etc. Each satus will have their own follow up content that will be created which i can do (already have because i normally have to manually send the letters, emails, and texts)
2) I want the emails to automatically be sent out to the email address in the customers info.
3) I want letters to beable to automatically print out for me to send.
4) i want texts to be sent out when its time to follow up with the customer. via twilio number or my Sprint android phone number.

Please message me if you think this program via my website server or windows application. Thanks, also im in the car business so it will have to have the basic areas to fill in VIN#, Birthday, New or Used etc

Skills: internet-applications

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