Salesforce Administrator - Long term contract

Salesforce Administrator - Long term contract


Job Description

English and Spanish fluent, Portuguese is a plus.

Create and optimize custom buttons and complex formulas, including those that span the data model

Set up, deploy, and maintain security and access capabilities, including the sharing model, Lockout features, forensic investigation options, delegated administration, territory management, role hierarchy, record types, and page layouts.

Implement business processes using workflows, approvals, and formulas

Manage data using advanced filtering techniques, the data loader, and de-duplication capabilities; use validation rules, custom lookup fields, record types, and page layouts to maintain data quality

The platform, including suitable custom applications to be developed using the platform and globalization features code (Apex), dynamic approvals, and related use cases pages (Visualforce) and related use cases, button overrides, and Mass Action List buttons on related lists

The Web Services API and Metadata API, integration capabilities, and custom links