PHP/Perl Developers

PHP/Perl Developers


Job Description

PHP & Perl Developers

Join a small, talented team of designers and backend engineers.

This is a full time, regular employment position with benefits and more!

Have major impact on creation and operational functionality.
Get in on the ground floor of a fast paced, high tech, innovative company that has a great management team of successful entrepreneurs!

Web ninjas, network wizards, hedge knights, BOFH’s or humble hackers please apply. (We'll love you no matter what.)


Support our in-house PHP-based backend API
Extend our in-house PHP-based backend for new data consumers and business logic.
Improve our customer state machine and backend processes.


You're going to live in the data layer and process layer, deep at the core of our API.
Extend the existing functionality for new data consumers, including mobile apps and internal tools.
Refactor critical sections of our backend API for efficiency as our customer base grows, taking into account application, external API and database factors.
Maintain and improve the interface layer between us and our upstream provider. This layer abstracts retries, failures, and mobile-carrier logic from our business logic.
Work on our customer state machine, managing customer statuses and plan changes.


Experience with PHP
Experience with Perl
Experienced with backend development
Solid competency in Perl for backend reconciliation and automation/service tasks.
The terms state machine, API Proxy, and SOAP don't confuse you.
Experience with API integrator with external APIs
Adapt out internal APIs for various kinds of consumers - web, mobile, etc.
Strong SQL knowledge
Write solid queries
Understand data schemas.
Familiarity with API design patterns and strong abstraction layers,
Familiarity with Agile development processes


Bachelor's degree or equivalent and at least 7 years of relevant experience.
Enthusiasm. Tenacity. Indomitability.
No experience in mobility or telecom is required, you'll learn plenty here!

About Ultra Mobile


Ultra Mobile, develops wireless phone and mobile money solutions to improve the quality of life for its customers.

The company's mission is to provide convenient and affordable services that connect individuals with their extended families and friends living around the world and make the American dream more accessible. As the first nationwide MVNO with inexpensive international direct-calling options, the company launched its initial offering, the only voice, text and 4G data mobile phone service enabling consumers to make direct international calls from their own cell phones on a high-quality GSM network for as little as two-cents-a-minute. Prior to launch, UM sold nearly 500,000 SIM cards to more than 10,000 stores around the country. The company will unveil its mobile money solutions in 2013. Ultra Mobile's management team are telecom innovators and advocates supporting social equity in telecommunications. ; CHECK US OUT!


Skills: management, design, agile, wireless, benefits