Job Description

The job I require is a year long contract and I would require other jobs done as well. Other potential jobs - website development, google ad words, competition research,

There may be other jobs along the way to in regards to research on travels etc.

Happy to negotiate a task rate for the reconciliation and managing of bills (ie bookeeping)? And in addition to the task on managing the books of this business, I would require other tasks done which I am happy to negotiate an hourly rate for.Please see below for details:

Please see below for the bookeeping reconciliation service I require:

Daily (5 days):
1. Reconcilation (ensure bank account and MYOB reconcile and no amounts missing). If any figures are unsolved, contact staff immediately to clarify. (5mins)
Monthly time: 100minutes 1 hour and 40 mins, Yearly: 20 hours

1. Debtors Report - Get report and upload in google docs for business manager (5 mins)
2. Weekly revenue to be emailed to business manager (5 minutes)
3. Gather data from MYOB about machines sold, patient numbers, care plans and put into google spreadsheet, email business manager (5 mins)
4. Adjusting random MYOB inventory when staff emails (5mins)
Monthly time: 80mins 1 hour and 20 mins; Yearly: 16 hours

1. Staff pays (check time sheets, draw up reports and email pay slips, and transfer money - to be done by Monday) (5mins)
2. Enter and manage bills/expenses to be paid and pay them from bank account or use credit card and record in MYOB. (10mins)
3. Back up MYOB (5 mins)
Monthly time: 40 mins; Yearly: 8 hours

1. Profit/loss statement to be generated (5mins)
2. Employee activity - report to be sent to accountants office (5mins)
3. Incorporate the weekly data of machines sold, patient numbers, care plans and put into google spreadsheet (5 mins)
Monthly Time: 15 mins; Yearly: 3 hours

Superannuation Liability - need to create report to see how much to pay each employee. (5mins) Then need to email Grace so she can transfer amounts
Yearly Time: 15mins

GST statement (5mins)
P/L statement (5 mins)
Yearly Time: 10 mins

TOTAL YEARLY TIME: 47 hours and 25 mins

Skills: myob, research