Flask/SQLAlchemy - User Management - Facebook Integration

Flask/SQLAlchemy - User Management - Facebook Integration


Job Description

I'm looking for a developer to create a module for FlaskSQLAlchemy (psycopg2) for user management.

The following extensions should be used:
flask-principle for managing permissions

What I need: A module to be created with it's own blueprint (users)

it will sit under:

templates will sit under

It should have the following routes/functions:
/users/register - generic registration form
/users/registerwith/<provider> - For registering by requesting permission from a third party
/users/<username> - their profile page OR another users profile page
/users/<username>/edit - page to edit their profile
/users/<username>/delete - page to delete their account
/users/login - login page
/users/loginwith/<provider> - login using a third party
/users/logout - logout page

I require the following third party integration using python facebook-sdk:
* User can /registerwith/facebook in which case the app will ask for ALL available permissions - I mean everything, my app should be able to manage their facebook if needed.
* User can /loginwith/facebook to login via their account.

The user table can be simple:


Even though I want all permissions and information requested by facebook, just use the name/date of birth stuff to populate these fields when integrating.

I've written something like this before, so I can't imagine a good developer would take more than a few hours to complete this. It does NOT need to be perfect, nor does it have to be 100% secure - just don't allow people to edit or delete other people's stuff and it's all good.

It's for a pitch app - not a production application; code needs to be neat, but not perfect:

Ubuntu 12.04
Python 2.7
Flask latest stable
SQLAlchemy 0.7.9
gunicorn WSGI
PostGresSQL 9.2

Best quote will take the job.

Skills: management, facebook