Project Manager / IT KNOWEABLE

Project Manager / IT KNOWEABLE


Job Description

"Applications MUST have personalised cover letter addressing the role and advising me of your skills and abilities and telling me why i should hire you.

Your application letter must state: "I like pink elephants and understand i will be require to have a voice Skype interview if I get through the first round."

DO not send me a standard, reproduced cover letter used for all job applications as it will be automatically rejected as an potential candidate.


Onto the job!

Project Manager/Customer service manager required
^ Ongoing role
^ Min 10 hours trial period
^ Discussion of FULL time wage my be a possibility for right candidate.

I am a strong believer in working hard, but also having a good time and rewarding those who deserve it.

*Bonuses are available and have been paid to last employees when deserved for outstanding work *

Although I reward my employees, if you work slow or try to fudge hours, it will be picked up on, and your employment will be terminated. - SERIOUS applicants only for an ONGOING role.

This role is about having fun whilst working hard. This is open to be a long term, stable part-time job for the right applicant. In saying that, your hours will be carefully monitored.

You will be expected to keep to realistic deadlines set.

- Customer Service
- BPO knowledge
- Outsourcing knowledge
- Management skills
- Team Management
- Project Management - Business Plan
- Software testing/IT knowledge
- Recruitment
- Research and report back on a wide variety of issues.
- Document preparation with given instructions
- Customer Support/ Management
- Liaising with different people
- Being available through skype to communicate instantly
- ***Highly desirable - Persons with IT knowledge - testing software, website development. wordpress, design

Must have skills:
- EXTREMELY high customer service
- Proven team management/recruitment abilities
- Excellent verbal & written communication skills
- Project/business management experience
- Sound research abilities
- Highly skilled IT knowledge **Desirable*
- Meet deadlines
- Demonstrate eye for detail and accuracy
- Ability to multi task
- Take notes
- Customer service
- Outsourcing recruitment knowledge
- Able to test Software, manage software (highly desirable).

* You will be required to take some instructions via voice chat, either via skype or another application. Therefore, you must be able to speak and understand fluent english and be a competent fast typer.*

** All work completed will be deemed confidential and you will have to confirm in writing that they agree not to breach the employer - employee confidentiality by disclosing the information to any third party. Further that such information gathered in your role cannot be used for any personal gain on the employees behalf. **

Skills: bpo, outsourcing, management, research, design, test, english