Website developer required

Website developer required


Job Description

Hi! Thanks for checking out my job post.

I would like a website (more like a web-app I guess) developed. I believe it's pretty simple. I only have a few requirements regarding the coding: 1) Should not be in Wordpress, Blogger or similar. 2) I don't mind what coding is used - the most important thing is ensuring the main objectives are met, whatever the code.

1) The decision to hire for this position will be made on 25 January. Do not be alarmed if you do not hear from me before that time.

2) In your application write the word "donkey" at the beginning so I know you have read the post properly.

So what is my website/web-app? It is essentially a photo blog.

This website will essentially be a picture blog for people to post one picture each day on the blog. The latest photo will appear at the top with the last six below that. People looking at the blog should be able to go back and look at a week at a time (in other words they should see 7 pics on each page).

* The site should work well in mobile browsers
* The site should be made so it can be made available to the general public, like a normal web-app is. Therefore it should have a simple sign up / sign in page with username and email and password fields
* when people sign up they can upload photos
* when people subscribe they are essentially choosing to receive a notification email that a particular user has uploaded a new photo (must subscribe to each individual account/user that they want to follow)

How it works
1) Person takes a photo on their iPhone and emails the pic to an address (this email address should just be a standard email address, preferably the same for all users. System should determine which account to upload to, based on the email address that sent it). They should not need to log in to the site or anything to upload. When they email the pic from the email address they have registered, it goes up automatically onto their "account".
- uploading from the site should not be available. It should be by emailing to the address, only.

2) Pic shows up on :
a) the top of the user's account homepage (showing today's pic and the six previous).
b) the homepage of the web app where the general public can see the most recently uploaded pics. Each pic on the homepage should show the username of the uploader as a link and people can click the link to see that user's account page.

3) Other people can subscribe to the blog and then get an email with a link to the pic (bit like a blog post does) everytime a picture is uploaded. It would be awesome if a preview of the image could appear in the email too (like Facebook emails do when people upload new images)
- the subscribe method could simply be a text link next to or under the picture with text such as "be notified when this user uploads a new pic"
- then a face box pops open and that subscriber simply enters their preferred email address
- when they receive notifications it should have an unsubscribe link so they can stop receiving notices too

4) one of the big features will be to use the geolocating feature inherent in pictures taken on the iPhone.
- under each pic a text link should appear saying something like "see where this picture was taken"
- this should open a map below the picture with a marker of where the pic was taken
- obviously if people turn off the geolocating feature this won't work so a notice should be displayed advising of this fact

***note there are some additional features that I want that do not fit in the Odesk character limit. I can send these on request.***

Why you can't use Wordpress, etc:
1) Wordpress does not all the image rotation feature to work correctly. Sometimes when portrait pics were uploaded they appeared as landscape. Apparently this couldn't be fixed in Wordpress.

2) the geolocating feature would not work in Wordpress. In other words, we couldn't show the map of where the images were uploaded and that's a critical feature of the site. Apparently it can be done in cold fusion but there are probably other languages available to do it in.

It's a pretty easy job, really, and we were very close in Wordpress. To give an indication, this job cost me about $150 for the Wordpress version. Admittedly two features weren't completed quite correctly...

If you are interested in applying for this job please let me know what your price would be to complete the job. It will be fixed price only.
Thanks again for stopping by.

Skills: internet-applications

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