Web site programmer, designer, software selector and integrator

Web site programmer, designer, software selector and integrator


Job Description

We are seeking a person or agency who can create a "speedfunding" site that includes basic design, login/password/registration, password protected pages, video and audio chat with instant translation, with scheduling capability, and also video/audio chat speedating-style, with changing chatters every five minutes during sessions, instant translation capability, and ratings capability, and semi-complex data entry and document management systems, with back office monitoring and certain editing capabilities. We will provide, if needed, software products for VoIp, instant-translate, event scheduling, payments, and escrowed payments. The project it complex, but not should be relatively simple for someone who has good experience with software integration and development and data and content management systems creation. We need it very quickly though, so please apply only if you are experienced and able to work fast.

Following creation of the site, we would ask you to work on perfecting it and doing SEO for it.

Skills: design, video, management, voip