Market overview web/video conferencing

Market overview web/video conferencing


Job Description

We're looking for an EXPERIENCED web conferencing specialist.

We're planning to integrate a video-conferencing solution in a b2c-website. People log on to the website and are able to start video-conferences with other members. Per session 2-6 people will join a conversation. The participants have standard technical equipment (a laptop/pc and 6 mbit dsl). In addition to the video-conversations the participants should be able to share content amongst the participants: pictures and video. It is essential that the video-conferencing solution works also with low bandwidth flawlessly. In step 1 the website is only for desktop computers, in step 2 tablets computers shall be served as well.

For the above mentioned project we would need a MARKET OVERVIEW of all relevant available software solutions, regarding the web-conferencing feature, including open source solutions. The market overview should include the pros and cons of each solution, the costs, and a recommendation which solution fits best the above mentioned requirements.

Skills: voip