Custom theme and script changes

Custom theme and script changes


Job Description

Dear Contractor,

I need a custom theme and some script changes for my image hosting site, I've created an example page and screenshots of how my site should look like please checkitout. I need following script changes:

1) Ability to select multiple files in a single upload(by holding Ctrl key).

2) When an image is uploaded the script is creating 4 files, Uploaded image(di), 2 thumbnails(dt,dm) and links page(pm) which is a lot of bandwith. I only need 2 files, Smaller Thumb(dt) and uploaded image(di), So disable creating the larger thumb(dm) and links page(pm).

3) The image-links should be displayed right after the upload in '' page. For example in screenshot 'upload.jpg', 2 images are uploaded at homepage and links are shown in '' page soon after the upload.

4) Recent images are shown in but i want them to be shown at homapage under random pics and continue to next pages in page navi style: ".com/page/#".

5) In Settings>Gallery change the function "Number of rows" field to "Number of images per page" and set the option to 120, 240, 360 and 480. And also add a new field "Number of Random images" to 14, 28, 42 and 56.

6) Index.html example: This is how my homepage design & thumbnails should look like. I've removed description under the thumbs but i want you to add date and report link instead. For example '25/02/2013 R' below the thumb is date in text and 'R' a report link.

7) di.jpg example: This is how the uploaded image(di) looks like with a banner, Homepage button, Uploaded image and image-links. And also the banner code to be added should be from Settings>Ads>Thumbnail.

8) And lastly the thumbs(dt) CAN be hotlinked from other sites but uploaded image(di) CANNOT. When an uploaded image is tried to be hotlinked, It should display image 'hotlinked.jpg'.

If you can do it please let me know.


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