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geek Maroc design


Job Description

I am looking for an experienced video editor who can help enhance video lectures to the medical device industry. Specifically, I will need

1. Voiceover added to presentation-style videos. I will supply the audio for the voiceovers.
2. Add an intro and outro for branding
3. Ability to pan in and out and make sure the documents are clear in the video
4. Add chapters to the video in the designated sections

The video is approximately 90 minutes long and consists of lectures plus demonstrations. I have broken up the video into logical sections, but I welcome your judgment to decide if different sections would be better.

Contractor requirements

I am looking for a contractor that has the following skills:

1. Must have prior video editing experience, especially with presentation-style videos
2. Is comfortable with adding creative elements such as intros that are engaging
3. Can generally provide turnaround within 2 weeks
4. Has access to professional video editing software and Photoshop

I need someone who has some comfort as a producer/editor and understands the point of different types of video - not someone who just knows how to use a software program.

How to apply

In your cover letter, please include:

1. Your past experience in video editing (and preferably, video creation or producing)
2. The hours in EST that you are able to work and how to collaborate

In addition, please submit 3-4 samples of your past work with examples of before and after the editing.

About the company

I hold a Ph.D. in biomedical engineering and consult as a lecturer on medical devices for both industry and medical professionals.

Skills: design, video, producer, engineering