Job Description

We need a graphic made into an email blast that needs to go out as soon as possible. We hired a freelancer already, but their submission did not work. Deadline is today. We had another freelancer not do the work. I excepted to have it completed this morning, and when I woke, their account had been deactivated.

Our site is:

The ONLY link for the blast will take you to:

Unsubscribe page:

We have a pretty good layout in a Photoshop PSD (see flattened jpeg attachment for an example) that we will send to you. It's pretty good, but part of the job could be to spruce up the typography and general layout.

There should be text embedded in the email as well just in case the recipients have images turned off / blocked in their email account.

We will be sending out the email blast with Direct Mail application (I do not believe that makes a difference).

Here is the jpeg of the PSD file i made for the promo. You can feel free to edit it if you would like to. It's just an email blast and will probably be junk mail to most people.

Let me know if:

1) you can do this today and an estimate of what time I can expect it (ESTime)
2) if a PSD file works for you.
3) How much the finished project will be.

Thank you!

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