SEO Teacher from Bangalore

SEO Teacher from Bangalore


Job Description

Hi I need a person who currently resides in Bangalore and can teach me SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation) basics in a month or 3 weeks.

I look forward to learn - SMM, Internet Marketing, Blogging too.

They are inter related and hence i think it wont be a problem to teach them altogether in a week.

Here are my requirements:

1. I can learn from you and work for you like an free Intern.
2. Fees depends on how much topics you teach and the time per day.
3. I will be coming there mostly for 30-40 days, with the weekend days off, you will get some 30-35 days to teach me.
4. No Agencies. I need contractors, who can teach me personally.
5. You need to arrange staying for me. (Note: I am from Chennai. I will send you full details about me, once selected. For now, I am a single, 21 years guy, doing my B.Tech, from Chennai)
6. My intention is to get Medium knowledge in SEO, SMM, SEM, Internet Marketing, Blogging and web designing too.

While Applying:

1. Send your proven record.
2. Full detail of yours, with your address.
3. The Fees for teaching - 30*12- 360 hours
4. Fee for staying and probably food.

Other advices are also welcome.

Happy Bidding