Wordpress Plugin Development

Wordpress Plugin Development


Job Description

I need a programmer/developer to develop a WordPress plugin for my audience. Detailed explanation will be provided upon hire. Only serious people only, and you must be able to provide samples with verifiable evidence that you actually developed those samples.

Required Experience:
-Creating Wordpress plugins from scratch.
-must be GPL as per the WordPress license

If you are interested, please reply the following questions:
1-What is your experience with creating wp plugins? can you provide some references?
2-Are any of these released as open source? If so, could you provide its source urls?
3-Are you available for questions if needed?
4-How long do you think it would take to deliver it?
5-Will you be available for ongoing supports
6-How will you protect the software against hacks?

*Terms and conditions:
1. You cannot copy or steal another person's work and then sell to me
2. I have exclusive rights to the plugin, you can't distribute it, sell or use on another website
3. You will sign a legal document and a confidentiality agreement, and if you violate any of these terms it will have serious legal consequences.

Do not apply here quoting unnecessarily high rates,lowest bidders with the best skills and experience will be considered.