Varnish + NGINX Configuration Full Page Cache "Faster Load Time"

Varnish + NGINX Configuration Full Page Cache "Faster Load Time"


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I have a varnish configuration - Basically we are using NGINX and Varnish and we need to use varnish for faster load time but please note we are using CS-Cart shopping cart so we need to cache majority of the files, right now when we use this configuration which I attached is giving problems like when we add something to the shopping cart it wont load the item in the cart its due to this line in varnish configuration

set beresp.ttl = 5m;

But when we remove this line it load slower and everything works normal but then we loose faster load time as I am assuming its loading everything from our computer.

The issue I am having right now when we click on add to cart or checkout page it does not display the content of the cart - So I am assuming its some session cookie problem or something.

This configuration I pull of some website and its for Joomla but we are not using Joomla we are using CS-Cart - therefore I want some one who is expert in Varnish and in configuring it to do a full page cache and our bottom line is to achieve faster load time & decrease first byte time and have page load faster.


Skills: varnish

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