Re-Create Simple Templates in Photoshop

Re-Create Simple Templates in Photoshop


Job Description

I sell button making equipment online and I offer my customers PDF templates when they want to design their buttons.

I need these templates converted to Photoshop (PSD) files. They need to be editable in Photoshop and they also should be organized and labeled properly.

I have attached examples of the templates to this email. There is about 15 different sizes (so about 30 templates needed).

In the future, I would also like the templates converted to other graphic design software (like Corel Draw, Gimp, etc.) If you are capable of converting it to other software, please list the software in your application. That will make your application much more appealing.

One final thing, to be considered for this job, you must answer this question. What is the color of the sky?

Thank you for your time.

Skills: pdf, design

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