e-procurement supplier of Office Stationery

e-procurement supplier of Office Stationery


Job Description


We need to build a website similar to officeyes.com and you can take a look to this video: http://youtu.be/R_csoA9ms6Q


It’s not a new build of a website it can be a rebuild of an open source such as “opencart.com”. Reusability is highly appreciated to save time. It’s a e-commerc purchasing website that work systematically to let employees from different companies to request products then get them delivered to their company.

1- Ensure that each manager has many employees.
2- All employees can request many products.
3- The manager can confirm and place order on behave of all his/her employees.

Specific Requirements:
1- The employee must login under his/her company only.
2- The employee can browse all kind of products and he/she is only allowed to request products.
3- The manager from the same company as the employee is can place the order for all employees.
4- All placed orders are sent to the website’s administrator for confirmation.

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