Part Time Flash Developer

Part Time Flash Developer


Job Description

Hourly Rate: $12.00 - $19.00 per hour

My company and team are in need of a part-time flash developer to assist with flash banners and flash maintenance updates to existing websites.

We are looking for a reliable contractor to work with us on a part-time, long-term retainer basis. If it works out for both of us, this could be a stable source of low pressure, consistent work for you!

You'll be working on animation and online advertising efforts for luxury hotel websites around the world. On any given day you may be updating the photography of a website photo gallery, creating storyboards or animations for a new flash banner marketing effort based on client requests, or updating offers and images of existing banner ads. Our banners are primarily coded in ActionScript 2 and occasionally may require ActionScript 3.

You must be available to work part time (10-20 hours a week) indefinitely, as we expect to need you for the foreseeable future, and be extremely detail-oriented, have an understanding of animation techniques to include easing and filter properties to create smooth, quality motion graphics, proactive with communication, trustworthy, and all the other things typically expected of a contractor. Familiarity with Photoshop is required.

If you would be able to work from our office in Bethesda, MD either temporarily while training or permanently, more bonus points. If a fixed-price arrangement works better for you, we can still talk, just get in touch!

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