French speaking telemarketing

French speaking telemarketing


Job Description

We need telemarketer French speaking to phone French companies.

You will not have to sell anything but just to invite the company to visit our website.

You will need around 5 minutes per success full phone call (company accept) and 1 minute per fail phone call (company refuse).

You can do 8 successful phone call/hour.
8 phone call/hour X 8 hour = 64 successful phone call per day.
64 x 5 days/week = 320 successful phone call/week.

We will provide you skype account to make the phone call.
You will have to record your phone conversation to prove your successful phone call.
We will send you excel spreadsheet of list of companies to call. You will have to comment this excel file in order to send us your report.

We pay 340$/month.

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