Coffeescript + Spine.js Tests

Coffeescript + Spine.js Tests


Job Description

We´re looking for a amazing guy to help us with a fairly complex, but yet elegant web app written in coffeescript and spine.js.

While the overall code is quite nice, we´re ashamed to say we didn´t do much in regarding functional testing and that (predictably) bites us in the ass at the moment.

We´re both more of the creative type (probably the reason for us being reluctant to write tests) and it would be awesome if you actually are the person that enjoys making things neat and writing tests. Someone that compliments us in terms of personality.

As we are both developers we´d like to work with people that are on top of their game in terms of development. Please have a github account or code you´ve written as it´ll be the basis for our decision making.

We´re more flexible on the full/part time, it matters more to us to hire the right guy.