Social Security Disability Advocate

Social Security Disability Advocate


Job Description

The successful candidate for this position will be speaking on the phone with our clients to assist them by filling out online applications on behalf of our clients for Social Security Disability Benefits with the Social Security Administration.

You will be assigned to handle online applications for Social Security Disability on cases that have already been signed up and require quick action to be taken by way of the filing of the online application. After the application is completed, you will submit the application to home base for review.

Online applications take approximately one-hour each.

Applicant must have excellent communication skills. Experience with law or medical related professions are pluses. Applications require fine, detailed work to ensure that our clients received their Social Security Disability benefits as quickly as possible.

This is a full time position that will include some evening (EST) and weekend hours.

The position is open and available today.

Skills: customer-relations, english