PHPFOX Install + Setup + Theme Template Install

PHPFOX Install + Setup + Theme Template Install


Job Description

I hope you are doing well. I need a quote from you for the following project...

1. Please read the high level project brief below.
2. Please open the feature list document called: Feature_List.xlsx (these are the features the client wants on their social network)
3. Evaluate what features phpfox can satisfy.
5. Give me a $ quote along with # of hrs for:
-licensing the software (do you have any discount coupons?)
-installation on server + server monthly fee
-setup of features list in feature list xlsx
-creating a custom theme + white labelling (removing phpfox brand and replacing with company brand)
-quality testing

*Please separate quote by line item above.

Many thanks,



Project Brief

The purpose of the project is to create the social networking component of the Sibling Connection. The Sibling Connection itself will be a website which provides information on how best to support siblings of people with special needs (physical and mental disabilities). This is not to be construed as a website for people with special needs or about people with special needs, but rather as a resource for families- specifically the typically developing sibling (the disabled persons brother or sister). It has been requested that the developer focus initially on development of the social-networking component of the Sibling Connection. The social networking component is conceptualised as a means by which siblings can communicate with each other, share experiences, and provide support.

High Level Scope

The site must meet three main deliverables:

Social Network: A social networking component for users to connect to each other

Information Network: A "forum" structured after Quora's to facilitate discussion and information sharing as well as a private messaging component so that members can have private communications with one another.

Library: A library of organized topics where users can access research, events, and general company information which user can utilise as needed.

*The client would like to use an 'Out of the Box' Solution (i.e. PHPFOX, Dolphin by Boonex, OxWall, or Social Engine)

Ideally, the cross-feeding of the three would allow a high level of usability.

-Not a forum
-Not like REDDIT


Must Have

User privacy – ability to create private profiles
Search function
Ability for users to connect with each other both public and privately
Public and private (targeted posts)
Privacy and user-only access
User-to-user private messaging option
With private options – privacy options – eg. Private messaging – private nodes
Friending option
# HashTag Support (Hashtag feature like twitter)
Business profile and individual profile (paid and unpaid)

Would Like to Have

Ability to post on user-specific communications
Site structure similar to Quora for the library (upvotes on articles)
Multimedia support
How we’re making money (eventually)
Businesses have to pay to be a part of it
Vetted advertising

Our scope will initially focus on the Western Canada market as there is a large amount of research and information sharing through Alberta, B.C. and Saskatchewan Universities. As such it will also be easier for us to tie into business partnerships and advertising and research schools and events.


The network will allow for siblings of individuals with special needs to effectively connect with each other and provide support and continue dialogue on pertinent topics regardless of where they live. The reason as to why we are developing The Sibling Connection is as follows: As the first generation of socially integrated people with disabilities age out of school age supports it will be their families who will take over primary education, social and life caring duties. Nobody within that family structure will be around longer than their siblings. And as such, by supporting the siblings we are supporting both them and the millions of people with disabilities who live around the world (In this case as we focus on Canada, keeping in mind that over 1000 people are being diagnosed with Autism (alone) in BC each year (in 2012 Autism Community Training sent out over 2000 new-diagnosis parent handbooks to family across BC)- over half have siblings. The world will be worse off - economically if we have whole families seeking mental health assistance- as they undoubtedly will and socially- if we marginalise a significant population who are known to be over-achieving and committed members of any society.