Experienced Wordpress Multi-site Master

Experienced Wordpress Multi-site Master


Job Description

I am looking for an Experienced Wordpress Multi-site Master. This will be long term and I want someone with at least 7+ years web development experience, and at least 2 years Wordpress and Multisite Experience.

Must show samples of Multisites.

Similar to :http://www.acupuncturemarketing360.com/

I would like to get to this point. http://demo.acupuncturemarketing360.com/design100/

Goal: To build a Wordpress with Multisite with a backend purely thinking of the user and what can speed up the process of editing existing sites and easily building new ones. Clean design and simple design which I will supply. I want to be able to have a new template built with a new domain within minutes.

-Bootstrap Framework - Fully Adaptive

-Header background image can be changed from an option

-Background can be changed to a color or image from an option

-Font colors and styles can be changed from an option

-Slider that can easily be edited (Jquery)

-Fast loading time (90% or higher in google pagespeed)

-Validated Clean Code ( as best as possible)

-Ability to build a service template page

-Ability to make a city page

-Ability to easily change logo and phone number

-Ability to swap out images above content or on side bars.

-Ability to name images for SEO purposes

-Link system near footer

-3 columns (left and right about 1/6 width and center 4/6 width)


- Facebook, Twitter, Linken In links (ability to add more social later). I noticed some plugins slow down the site alot for social media, we should discuss a solution.

-Contact Form

-Caching plugin if needed

-Should we think of a spot for a video, if one exists? Lets discuss.

Ability to pull one of the sites and make it similar to a single install on another server(optional)

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