Replicate web-based SMS marketing and communications platform

Replicate web-based SMS marketing and communications platform


Job Description

We are looking for a developer to replicate a popular SMS marketing and communications platform used for mass messaging via text messages, utilizing a monthly subscription business model and service customers inside the United States.

This platform would deliver text messages to any US mobile phone via group text messaging services.

Using this platform businesses and other organizations could create a keyword which a user could text to the company’s short code "00100" to receive a message in return.

This platform would adopt cryptograhically signed requests to allows its clients to specify a secret token in the keyword's API settings page, in order to request this platform's servers to digitally sign callback requests.

This in turn would allow this platform's servers to verify that requests actually came from the platform and are not spoofed by users who may have fraudulently obtained the clients callback URLs.


We are looking for someone that can create the above platform using existing opensource solutions like or

Must be available on SKYPE

Skills: marketing