Coder - PHP - safelist programmer needed

Coder - PHP - safelist programmer needed


Job Description


I have a site it runs php and send out emails to members however they get back logged and I need someone who knows php and the Powered & script to go in and update change to make the emails leave as soon as they are sent and to makesure my server which is colggong up with confmation emails and returned to sender emails are deleted.

Please clafirfy with time and you are ABLE to do it!

also having major issues with the site i need you to help me with hostgator to sort out.

.this is the message

Hello, Unfortunately we were forced to suspend a script or stop a service within your VPS container due to overall system load on the hardware node. During our investigation we found that your container was consuming an inordinate amount of resources to the point of effecting other customers on the hardware node. Though VPS services are far less restrictive on resources than our Shared and Reseller services, it is still considered a shared service as actions of any customer has the potential to affect other customers. Looking at your running processes, we show the following processes are of issue. ( These may be long running processes consuming large amounts of CPU resources or I/O resources which is causing issue for other containers. ) /home/gange10/public_html/ Please advise what changes if any can be made to your configuration to alleviate the resources contention that your container is generating. Additionally, This may be a good time to consider moving to Dedicated (

Also in the script I have OTO and login offers I need someone to be able to add to them i.e. add anohter login offer so once they click no they go to antoher offer etc