Copy Editor

Copy Editor


Job Description

Looking for a member of our core team at Polyhedron Games LLC. Only five members will be allowed and we have two at the moment, lead writer/manager and cartographer. This is an investment position of $1000 that can be remitted in one, two, four or five installments. Said investment will allow managerial status in the company, a say in its direction and nominally, 19% of the profits, paid quarterly. As a member of an LLC, you're not beholding to any debts the company might incur and Polyhedron Games LLC will not "own" you. You are free to pursue your career or other sources of revenue.

Our products are available at RPGNow, LULU and our own website at Inquiries and requests for a pdf of our Operating Agreement for serious inquiries only, please. To be considered seriously, you must have a bit of copy in your application. If you simply give me one line, I cannot consider your application.

I've had to put some figures below that are a bit nonsensical, considering the nature of the posting. You're not paid hourly or by a fixed price, rather by quarterly disbursements. The budget fluctuates but you have a voice in that. There is no end date except dissolution of the LLC.

Skills: pdf, rpg