4 Educational Articles

4 Educational Articles


Job Description

I need 4 articles written that will encourage and educate parents of preschoolers and young children. These should be between 400-450 words each, and should be written in a conversational voice. This is a ghostwriting assignment and no credit will be given to the author. The topics are as follows: Payment is $5 per article, with a total budget of $20 for all 4 articles.

1. Shapes & Colors: How, When, & Why
An article explaining methods for teaching children their shapes and colors

2. Connecting with Children Through Crafts
An article about how craft projects and similar learning activities can help a parent connect and bond with their child.

3. Quality over Quantity in Education
An article that explains why doing a few quality learning activities with a child is better than doing a large quantity of "busy work".

4. Inside or Outside the Lines?
An article explaining the benefits of coloring inside the lines and outside of them for children.

Skills: teaching