Adult Webmaster Programmer Developer

Adult Webmaster Programmer Developer


Job Description

We are in need of a web developer that is familiar with adult affiliate programs.
Particularly, the use of the free content provided by the programs. Free content is provided to adult affiliate webmaster to use on the webmaster site to promote the affiliate program. Content must be accompanied by links to the affiliate to qualify to use the content.

Content will include hard core adult material, so stop reading if you do not want to see this type of content.

Most content is provided via CSV, XML or RSS feeds in a secure members location.
Some content is provided via email.
Update method range from program to program.

Content can/will be used to create tube sites, thumb galleries, blogs etc.

I have many plugins and stand alone scripts to assist with these things.

Short term goal is to import all current available content into a wordpress installation and create update procedures to keep the content current.

Medium term goal is to create wordpress plugins for each affiliate program. Then lease each plugin to webmasters or give to webmasters that sign up as affiliates under our affiliate.

Long term goal is to lease plugins, lease sub domains of our main URL, sell domains and hosting packages using the wordpress multi site functionality allowing users to click a few buttons and have their site populated with adult content.

We will start with the programs that have paid me over the years. Programs that are tried, tested and trusted.

You must be willing to service for at least one year from the launch date. (compensation where required) Bugs are your responsibility, changes are my responsibility.

This initial project will be to create the initial import of a specific affiliate content into wordpress. With specific instructions so that I might simply and easily duplicate the process on other wordpress installations myself.

If I am happy with this first step we will discuss moving the process onto future development.

You will be required to sign up with the adult affiliate program ( under my affiliate link) to gain access to the content. There are NO fees to sign up as these type of accounts are free. If domains are required for program approval, I will provide you with domains and hosting access. Sorry I can not give you access to my accounts. There is no out of pocket expense required by you.

If you are an agency or an independent and you would like to sponsor this project, we are looking for affiliates and partners. Please feel free to contact me. Any arrangements we make must meet Odesk terms of use. I am not trying to find help and skip paying Odesk. Nor am I looking for free help.

Thank you for reading my job post, have a great day and contact me with questions or comments.


Skills: import