Marketing Plan for ecommerce website-Australia

Marketing Plan for ecommerce website-Australia


Job Description

As an ecommerce website based in Australia. Our vision is to bring you unique designer products. Unique, fashion is our
style. We will start in the jewelry category. So we need a marketing professional that has experience in the ecommerce

and help us to achieve the following tasks.

1.Please list your marketing/branding experience in detail(eg.How many years experience, successful projects & company).
2.Development of a Marketing Plan.(Include Brand, internet marketing, email marketing, launch plan, etc)
3.Execution of Plan with us for 6 months.(Please quote how many hours you need according to your marketing plan)

1. We prefer this person will have Australia local experience.
2. This is not a "give us $500 and we'll get the job done" but rather a lengthy process of marketing the websites with us.
3. Website: We will release website link to the person after we hire you.
4. Let me know if you need any other information.