Software QA Indonesian Testers

Software QA Indonesian Testers


Job Description

* Conduct tests on computer software programs to make sure the programs perform properly and are fairly easy to use. The testing may be done on both new programs and updated or modified versions of existing programs.

* Conducts testing process to weed out the major bugs in a piece of software and experimenting the program some more and flush out any additional bugs in the software just before release

* Deliberately tries to do things that will crash the program—that is, make it stop functioning—to determine weaknesses in the computer code.

* Keeps a detailed log of all the keystrokes

* Commands entered during testing and how the computer responds to them.

* Take notes of any error messages or codes displayed by the computer. All problems are noted, along with the series of commands that produced the problem. Defects in the code that makes up the software being tested.

* Detailed report of the test and passes it along to the programmers, who use this information to correct errors in the computer code.

* Develop programs that automatically test software in development

* Test all the software being developed interferes with other software typically found on a computer

* Involves performing the same types of tasks for hours at a time; the technician should also have a fairly high tolerance for repetition and a low boredom threshold.

* Performs related duties as assigned

This job posting is for Indonesian applicants only.

Skills: software-development

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