Windows 2008 R2 - RDS & RDWeb Administrator NEEDED!

Windows 2008 R2 - RDS & RDWeb Administrator NEEDED!


Job Description

Description of Server:
We have two Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise Servers. Each has RDWeb + RDSH installed. Our users use the servers only for RemoteApps and RDWeb.

Current Status:
RemoteApps from both servers are published to one server RDWeb portal. We have conflicting programs so they are installed on two servers. When a users clicks on RemoteApp that is found on RDWeb they get directed to the respective server for application to launch.

We have to keep two sets of users on two Windows servers for them to access to the two conflicting programs.

Contractor Work Needed:
Setup the system so that all applications are published on one RDWeb and that CAL licensing and "Remote IP" of one server is used so that we don't have to create two sets of username/passwords for access.

***Another reason for this work is that we have 1 GoDaddy public certificate so we want all programs to certify through that.

***********Immediate work - Be available for interview right away*********
***MUST finish work within 3 hours of hire time or contract ends without pay***

Skills: server-administration

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