Shopping Cart Developer

Shopping Cart Developer


Job Description

I am looking for a shopping cart developer.

The Shopping cart will have three pages

(1) Product Selection
(2) Payment Info
(3) Confirm Order

Page 1 will allow customers to select the project they wish to buy
Page 2 will allow the customer to pay with a PayPal account or enter their debit or credit card details (also to be processed via PayPal)
Page 3 will allow the customer to confirm their payment with shipping/handling and taxes (address & taxes will be obtained via the PayPal API)

The solution should allow for the entry of a coupon code which will reduce the cost of the product by a certain percentage or dollar amount.

Currently we have a very small selection of products (Under 10).

You must INTEGRATE with PayPal to get the customer's name & address and tax information, based on the customer's address and our PayPal Sales tax Setup.

Development can use templates and should look almost identical (look & feel) to the attached image. Pages should look professional.

Please only apply if:

(1) You have created a MOBILE optimized shopping cart before
(2) You can show examples of work you have previously created, particular a mobile sites
(3) You are willing to have an interview and, if required, subsequent requirements Q&A discussion via Skype Voice Chat (not just IM or email. You must be comfortable in having a live voice call)
(4) You are comfortable you can create the solution with a look and feel almost identical to the attached screenshot
(5) Confirm in your reply to this posting that you have seen the attached example screenshot

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Skills: paypal, online-payments

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