Social Community Skelleton needed, Zend Framework

Social Community Skelleton needed, Zend Framework

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description


Please only bid:

- If you can show references of big, interactive web projects performed with Zend Framework 1.x
- If you are willing to show sample source codes (controller/models/views) of this project

Currently looking for someone, who will start building up a social community/ flirt platform with ZF 1.12. It's just the rough basics behind, so there will be no layout implementation at this stage, and not all features have to developed by you. I'll continue and finish then the platform.

For the start, whats needed as features:

- User registration with all standard feauture, like forgotten password, login, user profile page, users can write messages between each other, maybe 2.3 other features

- Users will also have ACL... There will be free user, and some kind of premium users. furthermore admin, mods and so on
- Backendtool which allows to modify user, settings and so on. Backend needs ACL (there will be superuser, admin, mods) with different persissions
- all memcached driven, meaning there will be nearly no database access, unless an object gets updates, then of course cache has to be refreshed

Main intestion: Have a solid skeletton which can be finished and extended by me. It has to use top-knotch-technologies to handle lots of concurrent users, so performance and caching is very important. If you do a good job, this job might be extened up to 5000$ to finish platform