Long-term SaaS/Amazon Server Maintenance

Long-term SaaS/Amazon Server Maintenance


Job Description

We're launching a web-based solution for companies in July. We currently have 3 different instances setup in the Amazon cloud to handle our application.

We're looking for a company who will support the instances and help give us redunancies and data recovery plans for our clients. Also, the person should be able to help give advice on when upgrades are needed, draw server/backend diagrams to show potential clients how the system is setup.

Company should be experts in this Amazon Auto Scaling

Company should also have on-staff MongoDB experts to help support our databases and give optimization advice on handling very large active datasets in Mongo.

Ideally, we would start out on an hourly basis to get our business arrangement together, and then starting in July we would switch to an agreed-to month service amount that would pay for your company to support my backend on Amazon and allow me to promise 100% uptime to my clients.

Skills: amazon