Mobile Application

Mobile Application


Job Description

Our proposal is to cater to iPhone and Android smartphones users.
The mobile application will be useful to the following users..

a) Merchants are able to execute the following:
- Location based marketing
- Online sales
- Reward loyal clients
- Share information on promotions and events
- Track clients spending patterns
- Track effectiveness of marketing and sales effort
- Maximize social media marketing supported by clients

b) Mobile application users can benefit from the following:
- Rewarded for loyalty and/ or usage and/ or support towards merchants via social media
- Enjoy further discounts from mobile sales platform and/ or from monetized collected points
- Subscribe for notifications based on location and/ or area of interest(s)
- Acknowledgement for loyalty via gaming elements of ranking
- Information sourcing for everything “Luckie!”

The business model is via the following.
a) Selling marketing and sales packages to merchants in terms of Luckie! points.
b) Collect a certain percentage from sales generated via platform.

Luckie! point is the “currency” of the platform where points will be rewarded to mobile application users who makes purchases, have loyalty and supports the merchants via social media. Luckie! points can also be partially converted to make online purchase from this platform.

Skills: mobile-application-development, design